Analysis Of The Wars By Timothy Findley

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War, something that sounds so cliché yet endeavours a greater meaning; a meaning of finding your true self within yourself, and seeing your natural, brave or mediocre side. The concept of bravery and heroic men is often the label associated with war; however, in Timothy Findley’s The Wars, it is in fact the exact opposite. The Wars is an anachronistic example of what one goes through both physically and mentally. Findley accurately portrays the protagonist, Robert Ross, as a naïve nineteen year old who wishes to escape his excruciating feelings of reality for being held accountable for Rowena’s death by enlisting into war, as well as to adhere to societal norms. Robert is an incompetent young boy that achieves most of his knowledge of war from …show more content…

The Wars is a symbolic masterpiece that illustrates the great impact war brings on the microcosm of society and how individuals juxtaposed to the war are affected. The novel itself requires active reading; because without it, the novel would seem very simplistic; however, after further examination, readers can evidently recognize the complexity of Robert’s character with the aid of many heteroglossic components, techniques, devices, and the reworking of literary conventions. Robert’s physical, mental and emotional journey he endeavours, followed by the constant re-evaluations of his truths and becoming a more proficient soldier, can be seen through a formalist perspective with the use of foreshadowing to signify Robert’s transition from a sane to insane soldier; the utilization of animal imagery highlighting Robert’s development through the horrific experiences of war; and the several themes in the text to illustrate Robert’s evolution as a soldier through his inner …show more content…

Robert’s character development and his constant revaluations are evident through the use of foreshadowing as it allows the reader to make connections to Robert’s road to madness; the implementation of animal imagery depicts Robert’s shift in character; and the many themes throughout the text are symbolic of Robert’s struggle into becoming a sophisticated soldier. Findley’s use of diction shows the complexity of Robert’s character and his overall development which changes how a typical reader would view the novel. The Wars is a microcosmic depiction of inescapable horrors where Findley makes the reader one with his tone and allows them to hear, feel and witness anew; he leaves ineradicable images and reverberations in the heart and mind of the

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