Comparing Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir Of The Pacific War By William Manchester

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The war can be seen in many different aspects, sometimes good most times not so good. The war past, present and future can be a hard topic for most. War novels, writing about the war, or even talking about the war can be very difficult for most people to talk and share their experiences. People are affected by the war in many different ways, and tend to deal with the affects differently. The effects on war not only affects the person who experienced the war hands on but also the people around them also. In my paper I will be going over two novels, comparing the way that these two authors presented and remembered their war experiences. The two novels that we have just read, were Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War by William Manchester …show more content…

Such as in Goodbye Darkness there were sometimes where Manchester brought humor or was not all serious such as when he talked about sex and his virginity. In Slaughterhouse 5, even though it is seen as a fantasy novel there are parts in this novel that displays facts and Vonnegut’s memoir. He talks about all the dreadful things that he had experience and how much of a tragedy the bombing of Dresden was. Even though Goodbye darkness is seen as a dark memoir and Slaughterhouse 5 is seen as a science-fiction novel both authors founds their own ways in dealing with the war. The war affected them in different ways causing them to have post-traumatic stress disorder which affects a lot of soldiers and being able to explain their experiences through different views can also open up different views for others. I think Billy 's way of coping with his experience was seen through time traveling and aliens encounter, which you could say has affected him psychologically. For Manchester his flashbacks were nightmares of the war and that is why his novel was the way it was. These two novels displays the war differently which people will remember the war differently. Like I said soldiers remembers their experience differently which affects the ways these novels are

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