War Changing People In Soldier's Home By Ernest Hemingway

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Do you ever wonder the way you would react after returning home from the war? Would you be the same person you were when you left, would your outlook on life completely be changed, would life as you once remembered it be the same?
In Ernest Hemmingway’s story Soldier’s Home he effectively develops the theme of war changing people. By character, relationships and a lack of drive.
Harold Krebs returns from the war and cannot pick his old life back up something his parents were scared would happen. Hemingway telling this story in a third-person narrator. A brief description of the feelings Harold Kerbs was going threw upon his arrival home.
Krebs was forced to lie and compromise his integrity to live amongst people who did not want to …show more content…

Things sound much easier said than done for example to actually have to ‘court’ with a girl just seems like too much work frankly that he does not want to put in. He didn’t want a girlfriend badly enough. A lot of because the things learned in the war.
Previous to Harold going to the war he was not allowed to drive the family vehicle and after his return he would be allowed to as long as he spoke with his father about it. He had no drive to have that conversation with his father. ‘’His father thinks he has lost his ambition, that you haven’t got an aim on life.’’ No matter what happens in his new life the writer makes the reader seem like things will not go smoothly.
The moral of this story is can Harold Krebs return to the life he once knew. Could he be the honest man he once was or was the horrific visions and experiences during the war too much to ever overcome. After reading this story Krebs lack of drive, character change and non-ability to converse with women outside of his family lead me to believe war can change a person. I didn’t learn much about Krebs before the war but based on the information I have been provided the war has changed him into a different person making it difficult for him to re enter into

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