Realistic Depiction Of War In Fallen Angels By Walter Dean Myers

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Fallen Angels Have you a reader ever wondered about the realistic depiction of war: how the war is romanticized and how it can be an awful place to be? The author Walter Dean Myers shows us the depiction of the war in Vietnam the main character in the book Richard Perry a young boy from Harlem being thrown into the war because of his life at home and doesn't want to really deal with people. The book Fallen Angels is a realistic depiction of war. The book shows us some untimely deaths, graphic violence and the main protagonist inner thoughts and doubts. Through the novel Fallen Angels the depiction of war is shoved into the main characters face with graphic violence untimely deaths that occur and the …show more content…

This topic that i have shown to you shows you what war is like how violent, how depressing and scary it is. Fallen Angels gives us the depiction war and why it is mostly romanized. If you were a soldier going into war blindly and you had no idea what was going on then after being there for three months and someone ask what's happening you wouldn't want to tell the. You wouldn't want to tell them that you shot a man in the face so much that there was no longer a face just a red mesh of blood and skin everywhere, you wouldn't want to tell them your thoughts and how your friend was blown away three feet from you it's easier to just tell them daily things. Like what you ate for breakfast and who ranked up you think what soldiers go through nowadays and why they act so different when they come back because of how much war changes you. This depiction of war that the writer Walter Dean Myers shows us everything these soldiers go through and how it changes a man you could be a nonviolent man and never believe in god but once you're thrown in war your whole life will be

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