The Looking Glass Wars Analysis

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“The looking Glass Wars Essay” In the looking Glass wars, Frank Beddor uses Conflict to transfrom Alyss from a Naive, Mischieous, And Endearing Little girl into an Imaginative, disciplined, and confident young women so that she can lead the Allyssians in an attack to defeat Redd and take back her Queendom. Alyss changes from a mischievous young girl to a disciplined young women. “ It’d be more fun if it had fountains of water coming out of it” (Alyss to her mother beddor 13). Alyss is very mischieous when she is at her brithday party and she imagines water shooting out of the hoola-hoop (pg13). When Alyss was in the liddell house hold, she would be told to forget about her life in wonderland and rethink her life now Alyss is getting married

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