The Character's Journey In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The main character’s journey is the most important way the theme of the movie is shown. We watch the character change as they change throughout the course of the film. She starts out as a child that has just been uprooted from her home and is constantly ignored by her parents. She finds happiness in things like looking for the well and wanting to start a garden. She also receives a doll from Wybie that she gets attached to. She latches onto thing for the attention that she can’t get at home, but she doesn’t seek it out from others either. Coraline’s mother makes her visit Spink and Forcible, and she should be happy to receive attention but she is not. She has no interest in anyone but her parents and the friends she left behind, to her their …show more content…

What Coraline realizes later is that no one is everything to someone. “To be totally all for someone, in fact, is to cease to exist, to be possessed (which is what the other mother offers) (Rudd).” The other mother is manipulative and controlling, she wants to be everything to Coraline to own her. Like when she says, “They say even the proudest spirit can be broken... with love. (Coraline, 2009)” After being offered to stay she realizes this and decides to stay in her world. Coraline knows that she can’t be everything to her parents, but they are not everything to each other either. Everyone is an individual but they share their lives with the people around them. The material things she latches onto won’t give her the human connection she truly desires, and that she needs others to share her life with. When she reaches the end of the movie the theme of materialism has come full circle. Coraline is working in the garden she wanted in the beginning, but she is sharing it with all the people in her life. The garden is beautiful but only by the work of her parents and friends, because the people make her life

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