The Crucible Narrative Essay

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The Crucible Act V Narrator: A drumroll was heard in the distance Elizabeth: No! My husband mustn’t die! Elizabeth is heard weeping. She runs up behind Hale and Parris who were leaving the jail. Hale and Parris (in unison): Elizabeth stop! Narrator: Elizabeth pushes Hale and Parris out of the way and exits the jail. She jumps on Cheever’s horse and leaves the jail and draws the sword from the side of the horse. Proctor: Elizabeth is that you I see? Am I not dead? Elizabeth: Aye(i), it’s me. Elizabeth with increasing speed stands up on the horse and with three consecutive passes cuts her husband, Rebecca, and Martha down from the tree. Rebecca, Proctor, and Martha stumbling: God bless you Elizabeth you have…show more content…
I had an affair with Abigail and I am detached she just keeps coming back to me. That WHORE! She has accused my wife and many others. She told me before all of this happened that she would shake the town and get me back, and that seems to be what has happened. Abigail motions to other girls. Girls in unison: He afflicts me! Proctor: Stop you bitch! Girls: Stop you bitch! Hale: Nice try girls but this isn’t going to work I saw you motion to mock him. Abigail sobbing: Mr. Hale you can’t hang me for I will burn in Hell and so will you for you will have killed a woman. Mary: Stop Mister I can’t die for I am just a girl! Hale: You shall pay for your actions! Mary: Abigail I hate you! I should’ve never fell for your stupid plans to take over the town and get your man! God save me for I have sinned. Hale: ENOUGH! Take them to the tree! Narrator: Proctor chains the girls and takes them to the tree to be hung. A drumroll is heard as the girls are about to be pushed from the ladder. Girls in unison: Lord help my soul! Hale: You are to forever be banished to the fires of Hell for all the lives you have cost. Narrator: A creak and a crack are heard as the girls are pushed from the ladder hung and then fall to the ground as the branch breaks and falls on top of
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