How Does Hale Change In The Crucible

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Reverend Hale’s Character Evolution “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance” (Alan Watts). Change, the only constant in this universe, the thing a community needs the most to thrive in modern day society, the thing people of Salem cannot accept. In Arthur Miller's the Crucible we see how when the court and the townsfolk get dead set on the idea of witchcraft being rampant in the Village, they are imminently unaccepting if Reverend Hale’s change of no longer believing the devil was in Salem. In the start of the play Hale is seen as a man of god, he is the “spiritual” doctor sent to evaluate Salem and banish Satan from the region. Yet as the play goes on, Hale begins to …show more content…

“I must say it, Mr.Proctor; that it is not for you to decide. The man’s ordained, therefore the light of God is in him.”(Miller 66). Proctor doesn't trust Paris, thus showing how Hale is still in support of Paris and the trials. Right before what Hale says John explains how he sees no light of God in Parris. It's important how Hale replies because it shows how Hale is still in full support of Parris and witchcraft …show more content…

Hale quits the court denouncing it and all its wrongdoing. This all is lead up to by the people of the court exaggerating completely of what they see, The girls say they see a huge yellow bird of evil when in reality there is no bird at all. Hale is seen trying to calm the court and denounces the sight of any bird but his voice is out spoken. After all of this Hale then decides enough is enough and quits the court. “I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!” (Miller 120). The way we see Hale react is extremely important because we now are seeing the opposite of what we saw in the start of the play. Hale used to think he was doing “God's bidding” and saving the people of Salem, but now we see how Hal has truly changed as a charter and now denounces all the things he once stood for in the start of the

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