The Crucible Act 4 Reverend Hale Essay

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Towards the end, Hale changes from a person who carries his heavy written laws to a person who hates the court. During Act III, after Danforth arrested Proctor, Hale is so angry with the court that he yells, "I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!” (Act 3, 120). The quote might seem really simple, but it is significant because Hale finally figures out that the court system is a failure to the society, and also figures out what he should be go after. As a result in Act 4 when Hale tries to convince Elizabeth to tell Proctor to confess, Hale says, “‘Beware, Goody Proctor –cleave to no faith when faith brings blood. It is mistaken law that leads you to sacrifice. Life, woman, life is God 's most precious gift; no principle, however glorious, may justify the taking of it” (Act 4, 132). In fact, Hale doesn’t suggest Elizabeth to use religion to get Proctor to confess, but rather just a simple word of telling him to survive. In conclusion, Reverend Hale finds that going against the court is obligation that is needed to be done because no one has done that and the society needs rebellion …show more content…

His admiration of the court goes down as he sees more people being hanged and the stubbornness of the court. In the end, Hale knows that the law is not the entire aspect of creating a perfect society, no one in a society needs to follow the law entirely, and that authority does not always judge over everything. He has no more confidence in the idea of dominance of God over anything in life, and by that mean he loses his faith to the court. Not just those, he doesn’t carry the heavy written laws since the beginning. When Hale loses his faith towards the court and the society, he earns empathy and respect from us the readers and proving how moral obligation plays a bigger role than civic duty when it comes to real difficulties in a

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