Authority In The Crucible By Reverend Hale

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To begin with, Reverend Hale thought that he has authority due to his incredible power of finding and curing spiritual problems. In the story, people of Salem think that Betty has witchcraft. In order to figure out, the community calls, Reverend Hale, “spiritual doctor”, so he can examine Betty, Parris’s daughter, for witchcraft symptoms or a cure to a spiritual problem. When Hale enters the Parris’ house, Parris, minister of Salem, insisted to carrying the books. After Parris carries the book he mentioned that the books were heavy. Hale responds by saying, “They must be; they are weighted with authority” (pg. 36)! This shows that Hale is well respected by the society due to his eccentric talent and knowledge. This is shown when Parris insisted
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