Was Hale Justified In The Crucible

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In the book Crucible written by Arthur Miller took place in 1692. Some may believe that Reverend Hale is not to blame for all the deaths of innocent people in Salem.The only reason Reverend Hale is involved in this case, is because he is pushing his limits to get the truth. Also, to not let any guilty doers off the chain, for the reason that they will keep repeating their dirty crimes. There has been many witch trials taken place in salem, of which many people have been accused and persecuted. In the beginning of the act Reverend Hale is defending John Proctor. He knows that John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor are innocent. Reverend Hale says,“Is every defense an attack upon the court?“(2-356.357). Defending John Proctor will force Reverend …show more content…

Solving a case involves the person to make sacrifices to get the truth. If the truth is not found, then the situation will never be solved. Throughout the act Reverend Hale has been helping out the innocent. After Reverend Hale accuses Abigail Williams for witchcraft, he then begins asking her questions. Mistakes were made after Reverend Hale said,”When you were with the devil who did you see with him”(1-143.144). At this point, Abigail William is speechless, but then she starts to blame people. Also it doesn’t matter what Abigail says, because she is a witness of witchcraft, so she will save her own tail besides saving others. Reverend Hale is asking specific questions, forcing Abigail to lie. This is wrong because Reverend Hale is refueling Abigail Williams thought process with lies. At the same time he is doing his duty of making her confess. Nevertheless, Reverend Hale knows that John and Elizabeth are innocent, and that Abigail Williams and the girls are guilty of witchcraft.” You are goodwife Proctor”(2. 266-267). He could have done something more than just trying to convince Judge Danforth that they are innocent. He was just reminiscing and trying to make Abigail confess, instead of chaining her against the walls in the jail. Abigail has only experienced mental pressure instead of

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