The Crucible Danforth Frauds Essay

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Deputy Governor Danforth was brought to the village of Salem from boston to convict the “witches” that had been afflicting the young girls in the village. From this description, one might believe that Danforth was sent to do good and believed that he himself was doing good. Although this may have been Danforth’s original intent, as the trials continued he began to prize his image and status over the lives of others in the village. This becomes clear especially when speculation is risen around the girls. Once the thought of the girls being frauds crosses his mind, Danforth immediately jumps to the fact that he mustn’t dirty his name or reputation. Because he has overseen the trials in Salem, his power gets to his head and he tells the people …show more content…

Because of this, he must defend the girl’s credibility. This can be seen when Mary Warren and John Proctor try and bring evidence against the girls to the court. Danforth, Reverend Parris, and Judge Hathorne pressure Marry Warren to the point at which she breaks and can not pretend to faint without the rest of the girls encouraging it. This can be seen in Act Three, when Parris commands her, stating, “Aye, faint. Prove to us how you pretended in the court so many times” (99). Parris then yells “Your Excellency, this is a trick to blind the court!” (99). Reverend Parris has a deep hate for John Proctor and wants to protect his daughter Abigail so he too takes the side of the court. Danforth does not want to see the girls discredited but can not say that publicly so he must at least hear Proctor’s argument but would never let him win. This shows corruption in the highest court of the province. Now that speculation is rising around the girls, Danforth jails those that oppose him. Proctor is put to jail, Giles Corey is tortured to death, and Mary Warren is accused of witchcraft directly after speaking out against the girls. Although Mary eventually falls to the girls and accuses Proctor of witchcraft. This exemplifies the pure strength that Danforth has within the town. When well known and respected people came to denounce the court, they were all either accused or jailed and all went into chaos. Even reverend John Hale, who also came to cleanse the girls of whatever “evil” was afflicting them, recognizes that Danforth is corrupt and misusing the court in the name of God. As Proctor is being taken to prison, Mr. Hale yells “I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!” (111). At this point, however, Danforth has so much power that he ignores all that Hale, the reverend, is saying and continues to send John Proctor to hang. Danforth has sent

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