The Dark Force In The Crucible

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I think there is a little bit of dark forces because they were dancing around a fire in the woods at night and Tituba was making a potion. The girls knew it was wrong to even be dancing because it was told that to dance is heathen. In Salem everything is either of God or of the Devil. So, the girls were caught dancing in the middle of the night by Rev. Parris who was afraid that they were involved in witchcraft.
Another dark forces is that Mrs. Putman last several babies and she thought it was because of a spell that someone had put on her. She asks if Tituba could contact the dead spirits to find out who it was that took her babies. She believed it was something in the supernatural or someone that made her lose her children at childbirth. …show more content…

Proctor breaks down and tells the court that he know what she really is. He confesses that he had an affair with her and that is why he feels she is lying about all this. When Rev. Hale hears this, he starts to believe Proctor and begs the court to believe him. The dark force in this is that it seems like Judge Danforth doesn’t want to believe what Rev. Hale believes. It would mean that if this were true, there were innocent people that had been hanged for this crime already.
It seemed like there was so much superstition in the village that witchcraft blinded him to the truth of things.
Another incident that happened was when Giles Corey said his wife was reading books and that it was not the Bible. He said that after she was reading, he couldn’t pray. When he told this, the judge suspected Martha Corey of witchcraft.
The whole dark force in this story is Abigail accusing the many people of being with the Devil. It didn’t make any difference if they said they were not. Once a person is accused, they have to confess of being with the Devil, or they are hanged. If they did confess, they would lose their land and wouldn’t have anywhere to

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