Witchcraft In The Crucible

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There are many reasons that the people of Salem were convinced that there were witches among them. People have always believed in magic. Even today there are magicians and superstitious people. Some theories include mental illnesses, the church, and greed being at fault. The church is included simply because it was thought to not be holding the same control over the parishioners anymore. The greed being that people just wanted land and property owned by the ones they accused of being witches. It is also because of the girls that began behaving weirdly. They had had seizures, screamed extremely, and acted dazed. The Crucible is a playwright about the witch trials in Salem. At the beginning of the play, the people of Salem start to fuss more and more about witches. As the play goes on, they make many claims of several different women being witches. This causes Salem to worry even more. Everyone claimed a witch of someone they didn’t like to get something that person had. Although at first the witch …show more content…

As mentioned earlier, it was believed that Tituba influenced Abigail and Betty to believe in witchcraft and try to perform it. They had random seizures, acted trance-like, and screamed. It got a lot of confused attention until that confusion turned into the belief of witches. Within a month, the people of Salem tried to get rid of the evil religiously. Tituba was questioned and she mentioned witch conspiracies in Salem. Another month passed and the girls tried to blame Martha Corey. Even as Martha were at a high level of the puritan community, they just believed that Satan dug that far in to Salem. Through the year, several people were executed by fault of being witches, even if they were innocent. By winter, the accusations stopped and 24 people had been killed in the process of the witch trials. For them to kill so many, they must have had a strong belief that the witches were

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