Viral hemorrhagic fever Essays

  • Rousettus Aegyptiacus Research Paper

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    The Historical Epidemic The Marburg Virus has been accounted as one of the deadliest viruses on Earth due to its ability to cause high fever and bleeding throughout the body leading to shock and eventually death (Harding, 2014). The epidemic occurred in the late 1960’s when a small group of lab workers from Germany had an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever. The first people who were exposed to the seemed to have some type of contact with green monkeys that were imported from Africa (CDC, 2014). There

  • Ebola Virus 1976 By Dr. Peter Piot

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    Ebola is a virus was discovered in Yambuku, Sudan in 1976 by Dr. Peter Piot. It is a very harmful disease causing mass causualities. People have to take a lot of precautions to make sure that it doesn’t spread, so people don’t die. Most of my family lives in Cameroon, Africa. Although Cameroon was not affected, Africa is the continent that has had countries with Ebola outbreaks. Knowledge of Ebola, how it developed, its causes, treatment, and knowing the science behind this disease can lead

  • Why Do Viruses Become So Deadly

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    works its way into your body through the respiratory system. From there, it binds to the cells in your lungs and releases its genetic information into the nucleus of the cell. After its information is in the nucleus, it controls the cell and produces viral material which aids the virus in its attack. The flu vaccine is only partially effective due to the fact that Influenza mutates and changes itself every year. This way the vaccine must change with it and can only aid partially. Hantavirus is a little

  • Filovirus Virus

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    tubular shape (Martines et al., 2014). Each virion contains an envelope, capsid, and matrix, and uses negative-sense RNA to encode their genome (Martines et al., 2014). Ebolavirus and Marburgvirus are two types of viral hemorrhagic filoviruses, meaning they affect their hosts by causing fevers and internal and external bleeding (Stock, 2014). Marburgvirus obtained its name from the town of Marburg, Germany, where the first cases of Marburgvirus were documented in 1967 (Martines et al., 2014). In that

  • Ebola Hemorrhagic Heartbreaks

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    The article I chose to review is “Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreaks: strategies for effective epidemic management, containment and control”, written by Gerard Matua, Dirk Van der Wal, and Rozzano Locsin. The main point of the article is to discuss the current strategies being used to control Ebola epidemics and provide recommendations for new methods that may improve containment times. The article distinguishes between “reactive” approaches, and “pre-emptive” strategies, reactive approaches being

  • Phage Therapy Case Summary

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    Briefly describe how phage were discovered, and how they were quickly used to treat disease. a. Phage were discovered by Felix D'Herelle when he found a motive to search of a "good microbe hunter" after seeing 20 people dead in 8 days due to the yellow fever. He originally discovered phage by chance. While working with sick locusts, he observed a puzzling phenomenon: amid some of his bacterial cultures, there were what he described as "taches vierges" - pure or clear spots on an otherwise cloudy background

  • Stephen Sykes's Story About The Red Death

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    By Stephen Sykes Poe’s story about the red death is not the same thing as the modern-day disease, Ebola. The red death is a fictional story while Ebola is a real disease killing people. Ebola kills A lot of people in Africa. People do not like to try to help them so do but if you help them u can get ebola if u help them. The ebola have got to the u.s.a now people want to help them now so they don’t get it. There have ben 2 people in the u.s but they have live. There are some treatment that have got

  • Review Of The Hot Zone By Richard Preston

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    Writer and best-selling author, Richard Preston, in his non-fiction thriller, The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story, tells about the origins and incidents involving major filoviruses, such as Ebola and Marburg. Preston highlights multiple cases of the people who dealt and came with close contact to the viruses, from the possible contraction of Marburg by Monet, to Nurse Mayinga’s case of Ebola Zaire, to the biohazard operation at the Ebola-infested monkey house in Reston. Through this, he influences

  • Persuasive Essay On Ebola

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    Africa’s known for their cultural heritage, beautiful wildlife, and unfortunately, Ebola. The first outbreak occurred in 1976, in Zaire, Africa. The deadliest Ebola outbreak occurred, October 2014 in Western Africa. The crisis captured the attention of people nationwide. Ebola is a highly fatal disease that has severely affected Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The virus is causing thousands of people to become infected: According to the World Health Organization, There has been 14,646 confirmed

  • Film Review: Ebola And The Black Death

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    alike that scientists believe the Black Death was Ebola or an ancestor of it. Some symptoms of Ebola are headaches/ body aches, fevers, vomiting/ diarrhea, and blood blisters develop under your skin. How Ebola kills you is it makes your immune system attack you’re own organs and your blood vessels burst so you bleed to death. Some symptoms of the Black Death are flu like fevers, vomiting, pus filled blisters form on your neck, air pit, and groan areas, and purple and black blotches appear on your skin

  • Witchcraft In The Crucible

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    There are many reasons that the people of Salem were convinced that there were witches among them. People have always believed in magic. Even today there are magicians and superstitious people. Some theories include mental illnesses, the church, and greed being at fault. The church is included simply because it was thought to not be holding the same control over the parishioners anymore. The greed being that people just wanted land and property owned by the ones they accused of being witches

  • Ebola Case Study

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    The Case Of The Ebola Virus The ‘Ebola Virus Disease’ (EVD), formerly known as ‘Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever’ (EHF) or as its simply and most commonly called ‘Ebola’, is a severe and most often fatal illness in primates, most particularly humans – as paraphrased by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Its first appearance in the world came in the year 1976 in two cases of common time in the African continent within the regions of Nzara, Sudan and Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. The name Ebola

  • Ebola In Red Death By Edgar Allan Poe

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    The author, Poe, wrote the "Red Death." However, the story is not about Ebola. If it was about Ebola it would not kill everyone. For instance he would not know that Ebola would become a Disease or reaction. But than again they both led to death they also have dizziness and pain. Based on what I read they have dizziness, blood, boils, and pain. According to the text if you get one of the diseases or reaction it will make you have the reactions. You would start to bleed and your boils

  • Ebola In The Hot Zone

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    A careless choice made by one person can certainly impact the society as a whole in such ways that can be life-changing. No one in the world could have even dreamt of encountering with Ebola, a lethal and deadly virus, with a mortality rate similar to that of the infamous Black Death during the Middle ages which wiped out a third of the world’s population. However, destiny proved them wrong, for Ebola became an explosive topic worldwide with its highly contagious nature. Furthermore, because of its

  • Analysis Of The Hot Zone By Richard Preston

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    Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone, narrates a “terrifyingly true story” about the menacing Ebola outbreak of 1976. Ebola is named after the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in West Africa, and when Preston’s book was published people would base their knowledge about Ebola upon the information introduced in his book. Although he researches his topics thoroughly, Preston’s inaccurate descriptions, exaggerations of the virus, and the unnecessary characterization of his characters

  • The Ebola Virus In The Hot Zone By Richard Preston

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    In The Hot Zone, Richard Preston discusses the major topic of 2015: the Ebola virus. It all began in a small cave in Kenya called “Kitum” cave. What many did not realize was that this cave would change the world. Ebola, despite being discovered in the 1970s, was still mysterious at the time of this big outbreak. The symptoms of Ebola includes internal and external bleeding, vomiting blood, Headache, difficulty breathing, and lack of appetite. Because we had no knowledge and preparation on Ebola

  • Ebola West Africa Essay

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    Infected Animals: Ebola in West Africa The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is now the largest in history, but how society is just learning how it is spread. One way is by animals such as monkeys , bats, aps , pigs , and dogs. When we talk about Ebola what really is it? Well Ebola is a deadly disease that is found in several African countries. Ebola was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Thomus). Since then, outbreaks have appeared

  • Write An Essay On Ebola Virus

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    human body such as white blood cells, liver cells and cells of the adrenal glands. The genome of Ebola is single strand RNA and that is where it stores its genetic information. The RNA in the virus provides instructions for the host cell to make new viral proteins which are then released to infect other cells in the body. It can take from 2 to 21 days after

  • Common Sense In Dr. Isaacson's The Hot Zone

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    Dr. Isaacson in the book “The Hot Zone” does not play a major role in the story, but when in a time of need she steps out and does what is needed for the common good. Recently after Nurse Mayinga died from the Ebola virus, there was a need for someone to clean up the room that she had been staying in in the hospital. The crisis moment here was that everyone understood that this woman had the ebola virus, so there were no volunteers to clean up the room for risk of catching the virus, and most likely

  • Peter Piot Ebola Disease

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    What ever happened to Ebola? In 1974, Peter Piot discovered a serious and deadly disease in Africa called Ebola. In 2014, a major outbreak of this disease occurred in West Africa and spread through multiple countries including the United States. Six people in the United States were disease-ridden and only one resulted in death while the other five were treated. Although the impact on our country was little, the media over exaggerates infectious diseases like Ebola. The ways journalists reported about