The Crucible: The Salem Witch Trials

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Paul Arrington Chartos 6 2/10/23 The True Criminal There is always two sides to every coin, good and evil but, what happens when both sides are evil? Who is more wrong and who is more right? These were the exact problems that Salem faced during the Witch Trials. In the middle of pandemonium it felt as though each voice led deeper into the chaos. Although many individuals will argue that Reverened Paris contributed most to the hysteria of Salem because of his outrageous claims, Judge Danforth was the main culprit of the witch trials because of his stubbornness and lack of proper evidence. Danforth is the judge in charge of the whole Witch Trials. When John Proctor enters his courtroom with a list of ninety-one people pledging for his wifes …show more content…

Them that will not confess will hang.”(Miller 667). To further explain the people on this list were all described as “landholding farmers” or “members of the church”, despite knowing this Danforth ignored the warnings of his peers and forces the fantasy of the Witch Trials into reality by ultimatly making these people become witches. This action continues to push Salem further into hysteria and despair. Next, Danforth senses the signs of rebellion from the people of Salem but still holds on to his stubbornness and continues the Trials. Seeing a way out he asks John for a confession as Proctor is a well respected man and if he is found out then all of the trials will be justified. When John doesn't give Danforth the confession he wants he instead says, “You are the high court, you word is good enough! Tell them I confessed myself; say Proctor broke his knees and wept like a woman; say what you will, but my name cannot-”(Miller 677), this causes Danforth to reply, “ Hang them high over the town! Who weeps for these, weeps for coruption!”(Miller 678). This implies that even when Danforth is given the opportunity to end the Witch Trials he would rather stubbornly hold on to his

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