How Is Abigail Williams Shown In The Crucible

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The Crucible Timed Write The Salem Witch Trials were an abnormal series of events that scars the history of the United States. Arthur Miller, in his play, The Crucible, portrays these infamous events. Throughout the play, many innocent lives are taken by execution as a result of various wily allegations made by a group of girls led by Abigail Williams. However, the girls in that group were not the only figures responsible for the deaths of the alleged “witches”. Abigail Williams, John Proctor, and Deputy Danforth all share the most liability for those deaths. In the Crucible, Abigail Williams and her group of girls are the main “witnesses” of all the witch trials. As the leader of their group, Abigail Williams was the initiator of the trials. After being caught in the woods trying to conjure a spell to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor, …show more content…

The man who ran the show in the courtroom was Judge Danforth. As the judge of the court of a theocratic government, Danforth was religious. The idea of witchcraft being practiced in his own town was terrifying to him. Due to this, Danforth wanted any witch in Salem to be dealt with. Judge Danforth would believe Abigail or any other girl of the group that they had seen the devil in the defendant. Each time one of the girls “saw” the devil inside one of the alleged witches, Danforth took this as conclusive enough evidence to declare them witches. As a judge, Danforth should have waited for more conclusive evidence before sentencing any of the eventual victims. Eventually, Danforth began to suspect Abigail and the girls of lying. However, if he quit accepting their testimonies, that would mean that the others executions were performed without legitimate evidence. Danforth’s new motive was to protect his credibility as a judge. Because of this, Judge Danforth was one of the most responsible for the death of the 19 innocent

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