The Crucible Character Analysis Essay

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The crucible consists as a disturbing drama that used to happen to a real event in the American history. Abigail, the main and an antagonist character of the crucible. Abigail grew up without father and mother, however she grew up to be an insecure person. This young woman is selfish, manipulating and extremely good at lying. She has an outrageous name in Salem, Abigail were known as a person who causes problems everywhere she goes. Abigail William is an intelligent girl, she knows how to take control over people and forces them to follow her or do whatever she commands. She used to work as a servant at Proctor’s household and have an affair with him. Throughout the entire play, her allegation and dishonesty cause numerous people to be in pain …show more content…

This is how Arthur Miller reveals Abigail William’s character before she talks her line. “A strikingly beautiful girl, an orphan, with an endless capacity for dissembling” See how the author uses the word “capacity”, it shows that her lies are unlimited. For example, Abigail made a choice by having an affair with John Proctor. Therefore, she tries to proceed away by telling lies to rescue herself from punishment as well as to win Proctor back. After Proctor heard the news that happened in Salem, Abigail spoken to Proctor “We were dancin’ in the wood last night, and my uncle leap into us. She took fright, is all”. Abigail tell others that she only dancing in the wood and nothing more, although the truth is that she drank blood to curse on Elizabeth. Her behavior are truly sinful, it shows that she does not concern about her social standard in Salem. Abigail forces and threaten other girls that were dancing in the wood with her to be dishonesty therefore no one could figure out what happen. She threatens to kill the girls if they are being truthful to others and tell them what happen in the wood. Abigail told the girls “I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring pointy reckoning that will shudder you” (20). She has a forceful personality therefore she makes it clear to the girls that she can harm each and every of them if they told the

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