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How do rites of passage change people? Rites of passage can create conflict and challenges in people’s lives. These conflicts can change them by the way they handle the challenge. In the Looking Glass Wars, Beddor gives Alyss many challenges that help her have the ability to defeat Redd. He uses conflict to reveal the ways Alyss transitions in character.
In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized by how she is troublesome with her imagination. Alyss has problems with her imagination when she played a trick on Bibwit. She began to be mischievous and imagined gwormmies in his cake. After she did that she ran away when she could have helped him. The author states “ Bibwit spat the half-chewed cake into the palm of his hand and saw that …show more content…

Alyss came back to Wonderland and tries to convince herself it is not real. In the novel Beddor adds, “ I had to turn my back on all my Wonderland memories’, she said. ‘ I had to shut my mind to them in order to survive in a world that didn’t believe.” (Beddor 134) Now she must regain her memories in order to help the Alyssians and herself. She has gone into the Looking Glass Maze, and has to decide whether to save the Alyssians or herself. Beddor writes, “ They had fought on the behalf of White Imagination for thirteen years without Alyss. If, by sacrificing herself, she could secure them the promise of long lives, didn’t duty demand her sacrifice.” (Beddor 171) She decides that it is her duty to surrender herself, especially if she is going to become queen. In the narrator 's view, “ It all began with her, Genevieve and Nolan’s presence seemed to say, the power and wisdom that resided within her the most powerful queen to lead Wonderland.” (Beddor 192) Alyss has become queen and restored most of Wonderland to normal. She is now very wise and powerful. Her parents have gave her their support and believe she will be a great queen. These are ways Alyss Heart has developed as a character throughout the story The Looking Glass Wars. In the Looking Glass Wars, Beddor uses conflict to reveal how Alyss transitions in character. He puts Alyss through many challenges that help her have the ability to defeat Redd. These trails can change a character by the way to handle the challenges. Rites of passage can create problems and issues in people’s lives that can affect their

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