Avatar Movie Analysis Essay

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“Avatar,” a rich, suspenseful, marvellous three hour film encompasses an enticing story comprised of many key concepts from within our textbook. Through this film analysis of the film “Avatar,” one can inform themselves about the many key concepts within our textbook and how they correlate with the film; these key concepts discussed within this film analysis and demonstrated throughout the film include: self-disclosure, managing emotions, cultural differences in relationships, family rituals, and interpersonal conflict. Through this film, it was revealed that one can create an interpersonal relationship by following the key concepts of communication found within our textbook, regardless of vast cultural differences. After the homicide of his brother, Jake Sully, a paraplegic war veteran and ex-Marine was appointed the position of fulfilling his brother’s pivotal role in …show more content…

This interpersonal conflict created a negative toll on the two characters and because they lacked the “strategies for managing conflict,” they ended up fighting in the “Pandoran War.” Another example of interpersonal conflict found within the film was when Jake Sully had to tell the Omaticaya clan and the girl he fell in love with, he was initially only there to infiltrate their clan and report to the corporals. Thus, they knew he was aware of the destruction that was coming to their home and the fact he betrayed their trust; he was then bounded by the Omaticaya clan and told he “[would] never be one of the People.” Thankfully, after proper conflict management, he was able to regain the Omaticaya clan’s trust and help aid in the Pandroan war against the

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