Consequences Of Conformity In The Movie Dead Poets Society

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In the world, society has set standards most people follow. They must dress, act, and look a certain way for them to be accepted by others. Several do not understand that they are being conformed to be someone who they are not. Some movies challenge others to look beyond the standards of society. For example, in movie “Dead Poets Society”, Mr. Keating 's teaches his students to form their own ideas and opinions. By analyzing the film, viewers can effortlessly recognize Mr. Keating’s lessons about the opportunities of freedom and the consequences of conformity is shown through Neil Perry, Knox Overstreet, and Todd Anderson. First, Neil Perry learned about the opportunities of freedom and the consequences of conformity. At the beginning of the movie, Neil obeyed his father’s every demand. He did not learn about himself and his passions until he took Mr. Keating’s class. Neil was just another student who molded himself to maintain the academic pressure his father and school put on him. He did not know who he was or what he wanted to be. Then, he gained a taste of freedom by paying attention to Mr. Keating’s lessons. Lessons such as ripping pages out of his poetry and standing on top of his desk encouraged Neil to rebel against his father’s demands. He started to take risks. The opportunities before him were endless. He could finally pursue his passion for acting and create a new path to his independence by acting in another school’s play. Then, Neil let the consequences of

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