Issues In Dead Poets Society

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1. How are students portrayed throughout the movie? At the beginning of the movie the students are viewed a responsible, and conservative students. One of the students in the movie is Neil Perry; he is portrayed as a student who wants to please his parents. Todd Anderson is Neil’s roommate; he is very shy and timid. Throughout the movie the student’s teacher Mr. Keating, guides the students to chase their dreams, and break out of their shells. 2. How are adults viewed by students? Mr. Keating is viewed as rowdy and rebellious to the conservative structure the preparatory usually implements. Neil’s parents are viewed as dominating Neil’s life. Neil parents are overbearing about what Neil needs to do and who he needs to become. Todd thinks his parents favor his brother. They are always comparing him to his brother that previously graduated. They tell Todd “he has big shoes to fill”. 3. Where and how is student voice engaged? The student’s voice is first engaged in the classroom. Mr. Keating breaks the students out of their shells and they come alive. The students also become engaged after starting “Dead Poets Society” they begin to express themselves through poetry. 4. How do changes in the immediate situation affect the …show more content…

He comes from a very wealthy family. Neil’s dad wants Neil to become a doctor. Neil has different plans; he loves to act and what to be an actor. Neil’s dad is overbearing and tells Neil he will have nothing to do with acting. This back and forth disagreement makes Neil’s commit suicide. Todd is a shy and timid young man. He is a new student, he is Neil’s roommate. Todd does not have much self confidence. His parents are always comparing him to his older brother. Throughout the movie you see him gain confidence and come out of his shell he has been hidden in. Knox falls in love with a girl that is already engaged. Poetry makes him want to love as they do in the poetry they

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