Examples Of Transcendentalism In Dead Poets Society

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Is Transcendentalism a good or bad thing?

Everyday in life people come across traits of transcendentalism and don 't even realize it, it can be as easy as looking at the trees or doing something else than what everyone else is doing. These are all examples of transcendentalism and people don 't even realize it. For example my family and I went to San Francisco and went to the Redwoods where respect for nature was so strong because I was amazed at how cool the trees were and how long they have been there. In Dead Poets’ Society there is a group of young men in Mr. Keating’s class who show the traits of transcendentalism under the guide of Mr. Keating. Throughout the movie the boys and Mr. Keating grow closer, and he starts to guid and show the kids how they can live their lives and to follow what their heart desires. Later in the story Neil Perry is the lead for a play even though his father specifically told him not to do it, but Neil listened to Mr. Keating and did the play. When Neil 's father saw him in the play he told him that he was gonna send Neil to military school and take him out of Welton Academy, later that night Neil took his father 's gun and shot himself. The school did a investigation on the death and in the end they said it was Mr. Keatings fault that it happened and …show more content…

Dead poets’ society demonstrates non-conformity, spark of divinity, and respect for nature which are all traits of transcendentalism. Transcendentalism is something that stands people out from one another, all the traits can make someone their own unique person. Personally I think that people are transcendentalist and that people use the traits everyday of their lives but they don 't even realize it. I feel that their are some people in the world who love transcendentalism and try to live their lives by the traits but then other people don 't even realize what it is but still use it in everyday life. Transcendentalism is a very interesting and cool way to

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