Similarities Between Wall-E And Fahrenheit 451

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You may ask why it is important to compare the ideas and styles of different texts. I believe that it is important to see how other people view things. Writing is an easy way for people to say how they see things and how they think things will be for our future. Talking about nature, technology, and the author 's tone are just a few way that the style can be different. Transcendentalist emphasize a person’s individual freedoms and responsibilities, their connection to nature, and their spirituality. In the story Nature you can tell it is based on transcendentalism. “In the woods, too, a man casts off his years, as the snake his slough and at what period soever of life is always a child. In the woods is perpetual youth.” (Emerson, p. 367) In Nature, it thought that nature makes you feel young and well. You should be sure to just look and listen next time you are in the nature or just anywhere outside. “ ‘Will you turn the parlour off?’ he asked. ‘That’s my family’ said Mildred.” (Bradbury, part 1) Both of these are showing two different ways of …show more content…

They show and talk about how the future could and may end up if we don’t start realizing what we are doing to ourselves and the Earth. In Wall-E everyone is floating around on chairs. They have little screens in front of them to talk to each other so they do not have to move. To get food they simply just say what they want and a little robot brings it to them and everything is all in drink form. (Stanton) The theme here could be how technology affects people. Fahrenheit 451 also has the same theme. “His wife in the TV parlor paused long enough to glance up.” (Bradbury, part 1) No communication happens she is too busy focusing on her wall screen, or as we know it the TV. One shows little communication while the other shows no face to face interactions at all. We cannot let technology get this far. We are the ones who can control this and make sure it does not

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