Technology In Brave New World Essay

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Has technology changed so immensely over the years that it now controls society? What has it done to control society? Over the years, technology has become one of the society's major resources. This relates to the use of technology to control the World State in Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World. In the present day, we aren’t quite advanced enough to create clones or flying cars, but technology has become more of an everyday tool over the course of time. Over time technology will take complete control over society. Technology is slowly starting to control society and everyone in it. “We’re simply at work in another location with more free time. We’re checking our email and waiting for that important message to come in when reading a book or sitting …show more content…

Technology is used to control a person's gender, race, to prevent any diseases, and to teach people while they sleep (Huxley, 1932/1988). “In the Bottling Room all was harmonious bustle and ordered activity. Flaps of fresh sow's peritoneum ready cut to the proper size came shooting up in little lifts from the Organ Store in the sub-basement” (Huxley, 1932/1988 Page 32, paragraph 1). Technology controls everything in the World State, and it’s starting to control today’s society as well. Everything in the World State is based on the use of technology. “Whizz and then, click! the lift-hatches hew open; the bottle-liner had only to reach out a hand, take the flap, insert, smooth-down, and before the lined bottle had had time to travel out of reach along the endless band, whizz, click!” (Huxley, 1932/1988 Page 32, paragraph 1). Today’s society is relying more and more on technology. It’s getting to the point where it’s taking complete control over every citizen. “...another flap of peritoneum had shot up from the depths, ready to be slipped into yet another bottle, the next of that slow interminable procession on the band” (Huxley, 1932/1988 Page 32, paragraph 1). Technology is relied on for everyday life as

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