Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature Is Still Relevant Today

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¨Nature never became a toy to a wise spirit¨, as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. In the 1800’s he went to live in the woods and was deeply humbled by the experience. Even today we can still learn from Emerson 's wisdom. Some of the lessons that Ralph Waldo Emerson shared remain relevant today. These concepts are that everything has value and should be treated that way. Nature is a place of beauty, but not everybody completely understands that. Nature is a place to be alone just by yourself. Nature is there for your comfort as it lays a blanket of trees over your head. Nature is like a friend, but more loyal. It stays true to you as you are its guest. Nature, however, is slowly being forgotten. In today 's time everyone is paranoid and stressed. Nature is the best listener you could ever find. Nature can talk to you, it just doesn 't have speak with words. It provides a relaxing environment for you to just be to yourself. No beep of a phone and nobody else is there. Nature is a mental medic. Everybody likes to socialize and have constant interaction. We are scheduled and organized . People don’t have that extra time to spend alone. This is why people are stressed. They are too jammed and can’t find a way out. Nature doesn’t have a schedule. It is open just for you. It runs 24/7 …show more content…

I thought it was going to be the worst weekend of my life. I couldn’t use my phone or go on my computer. It seemed as if my weekend couldn’t get worse . I spent the first part out in the fresh air. I just sat there and looked outside. It felt weird to be disconnected and “off the grid.” I truly could see the beauty in everything I saw. Nature taught me to be observant and look at everything from a different point of view. Nature made me realize how much time I have to just be a human being. To just be alone by

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