Emerson On Nature Rhetorical Analysis

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Nature has the ability to lead one to an improved comprehension of life. That is the point that Ralph Waldo Emerson, famous American essayist, wanted to convey to his readers in his long essay, Nature. In the essay, Emerson is saying that each and every person needs to broaden their own unique grasping of the universe that surrounds them. He is expressing this because he believes that people take nature for granted and do not really understand its purpose and impact. The author is stating all of this with a persuasive tone. Emerson wants to coax us to think about nature as more than just eye candy. He wants us to presume that nature has the power to affect and better us. For an author to be successful in his writing, he needs to genuinely make …show more content…

Personification in writing allows the reader to truly connect with the object that the being personified. I conjecture that that is the reason Emerson chose to personify nature throughout his essay. It permitted the reader to truly understand the highlation of their bond with nature. Emerson, in the final paragraph of his long essay expresses that, “Yet it is certain that the power to produce this delight does not reside in nature, but in man, or in harmony of both.” Emerson personifies nature as having the power to create pleasure , similar to a human. In the quote I gathered that Emerson was trying to emphasize that nature has the ability to generate happiness, just like a human being can. Nature can be just a charmful as an average man. This quote most definitely illustrates how there is strong but covert connection among man and nature.
Nature, by essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson is an insightful paper that successfully utilizes the personification of nature to accentuate the connection of it to a human. Nature is not simply a setting. In actuality it compares to an average man in many aspects. The long essay employs personification many a time, and that aids the reader in truly comprehending their association with their outdoor surroundings. One usually does not contemplate having a relationship with nature, when being amongst nature. Emerson knew that this was true and that is most likely why he selected to use personify

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