The Calypso Borealis 'And' I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

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Two scholarly writers brilliantly conveyed nature in their own opinion, an essay written by John Miller called, ”The Calypso Borealis," and a poem by William Wordsworth called, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” Both authors created work that acquires their idea of the beauty of nature while showing their compassion and love for nature. They each endured the essence in their own way. Each author also used their memory as descriptive imagery to creative share the scenery and amazement of their experience. Each individual has their own personal opinion about nature and how they decide to express their feelings can be diverse, and both authors, John Muir and William Wordsworth, expressed their compassion and love for nature in their own way. Once the piece of literature begins, the reader begins feeling captivated in the imagery that the author created to be envisioned. In John Muir’s extraordinary essay, The Calypso Borealis, he creates a vivid picture in the reader’s head of his experience to find a beautiful flower. In particular, he creates an image of his adventure into a swamp surrounding The Great Lakes through his writing. When his journey began, he was introduced to several diverse flora. During his journey, he is able to admire and soak up nature’s beauty as well as …show more content…

John Muir’s essay, The Calypso Borealis, and William Wordsworth’s poem, I wandered Lonely as a Cloud, are two wonderfully written works centered towards their love for nature. They were able to create vivd images in the reader’s head through their writing as well as emotional transitions. Both works, inspired by events in the 19th century, have their differences, however, their emotion and love for nature is the same and creates the same impact with the

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