Similarities Between Henry David Thoreau And Edgar Allan Poe

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Henry David Thoreau and Edgar Allan Poe Henry David Thoreau and Edgar Allan Poe have some characteristics in common. Their writings also have similar aspects which relate to how we see things in the world. Thoreau expressed the way he felt, and the way he saw things through nature. Edgar Allan Poe expressed the way he felt and saw things in a more straightforward way. Edgar wrote about how things are in reality but in a different perspective. Thoreau’s poems are some of the most peaceful writings. Thoreau and Emerson focused on nature and spirituality and how one can feel connected to the earth. In their view, “Nature is the outward sign of inward spirit” as Emerson wrote in his poem “Nature” (1836). Though Edgar did not feel the same way …show more content…

Thoreau had studied many subjects and languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, German, and English. Though Thoreau was not excited to be going to Harvard, he appreciated having the privilege. Edgar Allan Poe, on the other hand, was poor and had less of a third of money to attend college. Luckily Edgar had someone who always had his back, his name was Allan. Allan was there for Edgar at all times, though sometimes he did not approve of Edgar’s decisions, Allan supported him. Edgar Allan Poe started publishing in 1827, he started publishing some of his classics such as “Tell-tale-heart”, “The Raven”, and “Berenice”. Due to Edgar’s lack of money, he was only able to go to the University of Virginia for a semester.
Henry David Thoreau and Edgar Allan Poe were to complete different people but both had support from relatives and friends. Though Edgar was not very wealthy, he was very successful due to his writing and his artistic skills. Thoreau got everything he wished for and became one of the most peaceful writers. No matter where the authors stood they both ended their careers in pretty good conditions and with a great

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