Compare And Contrast Poe And Ray Bradbury

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Have you ever read stories from Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allen Poe? If so, you would know that these two specific authors are both undoubtedly different, and, in some ways alike. The differences and similarities go all the way from their style of writing and personality to their personal life and past experiences. Despite their differences, these two authors also have a lot in common. These two authors both enjoy writing about the supernatural and things that other authors would normally not write about. They both use lots of literary devices to cause the reader to think about what the deeper meaning of the story might be. Some examples of these literary devices are irony, allusion, foreshadowing, imagery, and symbolism. ALthough these authors’ similarities, they have several differences. Ray Bradbury is the author of many famous books such as “There Will Come Soft Rains”, “The Last Night of the World”, and “Fahrenheit.” He uses imagery and in a lot of his work, a specific literary …show more content…

While Bradbury focuses more on descriptive language and fantasy, Poe focuses more on deeper feelings and emotion. In comparison between two of their most popular books, Tell Tale Heart and There Will Come Soft Rains, Poe did a much better job on getting the reader to feel and understand him using dark, psychotic elements to the characters and plot. In my opinion, Poe is a better author than Bradbury in many different ways, and his technique’s in writing are much more exceeding. Their pasts reflect on the type of writing they provide. I think what drew Bradbury to writing about the fantasy and the what-ifs are because of his personal life with a family that loves and cares for him. Poe, however, writes books with gothic, dark elements to them, reflecting his difficult past life. Both Bradbury and Poe are prodigious authors who write books that capture their reader’s attention and

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