Theme Of Death In Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American author; he mainly focused in genres such as short stories and poems. Poe didn’t have much of an academic background in literature but, he excelled in it. Some people believe that his success was mostly due to the fact that his life was very sad, filled by a series on misfortunate events, such as being an orphan, suffering from poverty and being constantly surrounded by death. In his works, Poe portrays narratives that are characterized by their mystery and macabre. The topic of death was ever present in his work, constantly describe with dark moods and somewhat terrifying settings. His ways of witting these thrilling narratives made him one of the most famous authors in the English language. The story narrates the cruel and evil murder or an old man. At the beginning of the story we are presented with a man that is constantly helped by a younger caretaker, the narrator. This old man has a strong relationship with the caretaker and the caretaker even says he loves the old man. Even though the old man is good and has never cause any harm to the caretaker, the caretaker wishes to harm the old man. The narrator tells us that he wishes to harm the old man because he has a little and seemingly unimportant detail, his glass eye. The narrator tells us that the eye is like the one of a vulture. The caretaker begins plotting against the old man, he began constantly visiting the old man during the night and watches the old man while he sleeps but because

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