Henry David Thoreau And Confucius Comparison

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Where there is Energy: there is life Having Energy means having life yet we are running out of fuel. How are we going to survive if our energy sources are depleting. We must make a change. Confucius and Henry David Thoreau would argue upon whose responsibility the stewardship of natural resources would depend on, but both would agree that either the individuals, or a society should take action. Henry David Thoreau especially supported the interaction between man and nature. With his experiment at Walden, he addresses a modern concept known as minimalism, focusing on the way one must supply for himself with his basic necessities. His intentions were not to isolate himself, but moreso to separate himself from a life dependent upon others. Through his actions, he is able to criticise society and many of their needs. …show more content…

Many of his teachings implemented filial piety, or in a broader sense, the relationships between man and society. Confucius often examines the duty of one man being ruled by a government. Yet, he focuses on a balance between individuals and government, suggesting that they maintain a symbiotic relationship. Confucius explores the role one plays in society, and vice versa. Both Thoreau and Confucius placed value on relationships. They both emphasised that each person has some responsibility. While, Confucius would view the management of natural resources be in government's control, due to a balance between the government and the people and their needs. Government serves the people as the people serve the government. Arguably, Thoreau would emphasise the implementation of minimalism into the lifestyle of the average citizen, as the duties should be managed by the people over the state, believing “That government is best which governs

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