Stratification Theory Late Adulthood Development

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Theories of late adulthood development are quite diverse in later adulthood than at any other age. They include self-theory, identity theory and stratification theory. The self-theory tries to explain the core self and search to maintain one’s integrity and identity. The older adults tend to integrate and incorporate their various experiences with their vision and mission for their respective community (Berger, 2008). Also, the older people tend to feel that their attitude, personalities and beliefs have remained in a stable state over their lives even as they acknowledge that physical changes have taken place in their bodies. Objects, things and even places become precious as a way to hold on to identity that has been there for quite some …show more content…

Under stratification by age, for instance, we have industrialized nations segregating and alienating the elderly people as they see them be of low productivity as age catches up with them. This segregation particularly by age affects and harms almost every individual because it creates deficits in socialization for members within all age groups (Kathleen, n.d.). Stratification by gender, on the other hand, leads to sexual discrimination. The aging women are seen more as an issue than the aging men. Many older women are impoverished as compared to men because of economic policies that are male-centered. For instance, medical insurance pays relatively high for acute illness more common with men and less for chronic illness more common with women. Stratification continues to limit …show more content…

Healthy body and skin start with healthy eating. Therefore, aging people are advised to eat right. It is said that we are what we eat. Every cell in one 's body is made from the foods one eats. The elderly people are advised to feed their bodies with high quality and nutritious foods for positive results. One 's diet has a key impact on their overall health, both on their inside and outside. Healthy food gives an individual strength and even improves their appearance. Healthy food is good for both an individual’s body and skin. The aging people should eat fewer high-fatty foods and more fruits and even vegetables. These are foods with high nutrition value. This will protect them from certain illnesses such as heart and kidney related

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