Older Adults In Something's Give

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With the undeniable truth, everyone must age and grow older. Although this is a natural process of life, not everyone is accepting of this. At this age, being an older adult you face difficulties such as aging, sexuality, relationship dynamics and having to face reality that you are not in your prime as you once were. Heart attacks, strokes, and other ailments are examples of this. However, just as there younger counterparts they still able to do somethings they were able to do in their earlier stages. They still have sex, relationships and the ability to love. In the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, although very comical, the concept is very present. It is a movie that depicts the struggles older adults face on a daily basis. Despite popular belief, older adults and their younger counterparts have more in common than one thinks. Difficulties many older adults face are physical, emotional, social and sometimes psychological. Physically, they cannot get around as easy as …show more content…

Loneliness becomes second nature and so monotonous, that older adults do not wish to interact with others. Erica displays this throughout the beginning of the movie, when Marin, Erica’s daughter suggests she take care of Harry, even though they do not know each other very well. Erica is not open to the idea because she is use to being by herself especially in her beach house and working. Another example is when Erica walks around the house naked and Harry walks in on her. In both cases her routine is interrupted since someone new around. Relationships in older adults are harder since most have a way of doing things and are reluctant to change. However, change is doable and be great. An example would be when Harry begins to develop feelings for Erica. Harry who has been a playboy for so long is reluctant to settle down her since he is comfortable using women. This disheartens Erica who has looked past here once ridged standards and began to fall for

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