Senior Generation Research Paper

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Discussion 5- Advocacy According to recent data, the baby boom generation will have all retired by 2030, (AARP), which is only 15 years from now. The population in this generation will include 77 million more 65 and older individuals, not including the 54 million already in retirement and receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits. Please note that many seniors also receive some form of federal benefits such as military pensions, survivor’s benefits, annuities, investments income or an awarded settlement (Quad Agno, 14). Unfortunately, in our society driven many times by greed, this has placed our seniors in vulnerable positions, particularly when health and cognitive functions have declined; a slight disadvantage of becoming older (Quadagno, …show more content…

National attention should focus on seniors living along or with someone (family members often are the offenders in abuse towards their senior love one), resulting in a reduction of emotional, and physical, financial and sexual abuse of seniors. At this juncture, the National Center of Elder Abuse Administration of Aging (NCEA) should be involved as well as the Alzheimer’s Association to educate the public on aspects of people who get older and can no longer maintain many parts of their lives, including their health. To implement this initiative, a national focus should turn toward current and new applications for products and services applied in the name of a senior, who is not likely to accumulate debt. For example; an application to purchasing a new home, taking out large loans, buying big tickets items, taking out various credit cards and the involuntary meeting with a financial planner. These should be consider red flags for seniors victims of exploitation and may also uncover other inappropriate behavior that would warrant Adult Protective Services (APS) to become

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