Senioritis Research Paper

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Taylor Sneed sat in her room Sunday night. She was only a few weeks into school, and was already having doubts about graduating. I have to do my AP Government guided reading, a week’s worth of Calculus homework, my essay, and study for the Physics and Econ test, she thought. She had known about these assignments for over a week, yet she did not even think about them until that evening. That evening he learned about his new medical condition: Senioritis. Senioritis only occurs in twelfth graders and causes the productivity part of their brain to become inflamed. It is very contagious around other twelfth graders. Procrastination, typically the first of the symptoms that one may notice. Procrastination goes through the nervous system …show more content…

The lack of motivation then causes the internal clock inside the patient’s body to be abnormal. When the patient’s internal clock does not work, it causes the students ability to understand how much time they will need to finish the assignment. Which then causes the patient to start working on the assignment until the last possible minute. Senioritis programs the brain to abandon math homework, start on projects the night before it is due, write essays an hour before it is due. The most important thing anyone needs to know about Senioritis, is that it does the most damage. The severity of this symptom determines the patient’s outcome. Other than procrastination, Senioritis also comes with physical and emotional stress. First comes the inflammation to the productivity part of the brain which causes the patient to develop an allergy to writing down their ass ignment. Since the patient is unable to write down their assignments it causes them to have a “heart attack” - a painful sensation due to forgotten assignments. Once the heart attacks begins, the virus begins attacking the memory part of the brain. Then comes the emotional stress. This stress starts off with lack of sleep. Senioritis cause the unproductivity to thrive, therefore

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