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Interested parents can choose to participate on an advisory council. This committee works with GATE resource teachers, school administrators, general education teachers, and other school personnel to receive updates, provide feedback, and ask questions related to GATE programs. The advisory council meets at least three times a year in order to ensure that the education of every child is enhanced by assisting with program planning and assessment. The role of parent representatives is to serve as a liaison between the school’s GATE program and the school community. Parents may find information about joining the local advisory council by meeting with a school administrator or the GATE coordinator. Topics at advisory council meetings may include information on the identification, ALPs, different programming options, and addressing social emotional issues common to gifted children as well as continued program information. By being involved on the advisory council, parents are able to be more involved and give their input on different topics relevant to their child and from a parent’s perspective. Parents are able to give feedback on specific things that work well for their child or things that may need to be improved or changed in order to meet students’ needs more effectively. In order to best enhance the education of every gifted child, efforts are made to ensure that parents selected to act on the advisory committee represent the true demographic of the student population. In order to represent the demographic of the student population, it …show more content…

The criteria must be expressed in ways that reduce the potential of bias for or against any particular culture. It is important to recognize that parents and students of different cultures have different educational goals, values, and ways of

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