Essay On Cultural Bias

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Cultural bias highlights differences among viewpoints, persons and groups that preference one culture over all. We can describe cultural bias as discriminative because it introduces one group's accepted behavior as valued and distinguishable from another lesser valued societal group. Cultural bias was found to be the major determinant of where certain people live, what their opportunities in education and health care. Bias is a tendency to favor of one person, group, a thing or point of view over another, often, in an unfair way. Bias can be a personal opinion or a more public opinion, such as a news story, that only presents facts that support one point of view. Bias is common in writing and speech that we are not aware of, but it is the …show more content…

The singular use refers to the theoretical approach used for research while the plural use refers to the object of study. Culture is used in contrast to other academic disciplines or analytical tools (e.g. politics, economics) whereas cultures is used when examining different forms of culture and is therefore more concrete (e.g. regional culture, hipster culture). Another distinction which has had a strong impact on the study of culture is the understanding of culture as practice or culture as a system of symbols and meanings. As Hall stresses, culture is about meaning and as such “permeates all of society.” Representations, practices, values and identities have cultural meanings that are discursively constructed and tap into previous cultural discourses to be meaningful. Critical intercultural communication casts light on ways in which meanings echo cultural knowledge and are therefore difficult to identify and question – even for researchers themselves, hence a strong emphasis placed on reflexivity. The importance of “cultural resonance” has also been pointed out by scholars examining media

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