Essay On Asian Stereotypes

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There’s a myth about Asian Americans, that generalizes them into one group. People create false images of us through stereotypes. These stereotypes have been manifested in books, movies, and literature, but they have repercussions for Asian Americans in society. We are often treated as foreigners, people leading us to believe that we don’t belong in American society, and that we have no purpose being here.
Stereotypes are natural things that people will talk about. There are both positive and negative effects of Asian stereotyping in society, some of which not everyone may be fully aware of. When someone says to an Asian-American person, “I bet you’re really good at math” or “It must be nice to be so small and petite”, they may think that they’re complimenting that person. In actuality, they’re most likely insulting them. Not all Asians are good at math, and it’s not always good “to be so small and petite”. These types of stereotypes can lead them to feel self conscious about what they do, what …show more content…

People will often have a preconceived idea about someone they’ve never met, and I remember on my first day of school someone came up to me and started asking me questions. They spoke like I couldn’t understand what they were saying and they over pronounced words because they thought I couldn’t understand English. There was a scene in the first Rush Hour movie where this also happened. Chris Tucker’s character was meeting his new partners character for the first time, Jackie Chan, and he immediately assumed that he spoke no English. He also calls him “Mr. Rice A Roni”, which is the stereotype that Asians only eat rice. This incident reminded me of that movie scene. They asked in that same dopey voice if I understood what they had said not knowing that I would have a full blown response to their racist and stereotypical preconceived notions about

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