Argumentative Essay On Bias

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Bias is prejudice about someone or something which has been created based on incomplete information. More often bias has a negative effect as it affects other people, our way of thinking that could be driven into stereotypes frame. Every day we face with a huge number of biases and some of us even do not know about the existence of them. If it gets to that point when something suffers from it, people need to overcome biases. There are a lot of examples of biases in our world. It is everywhere. An example of bias can be found in politics and media. Frequently politicians feel that the press is biased toward them in an unfair way. On January 20, 2017, a reporter from the magazine “Time” falsely reported President Trump removed the bust of Martin Luther King from the Oval Office. This information was quickly spread. Then further investigations reveal that the bust was still there but it was …show more content…

Are humans morally responsible for their implicit biases? Afterwards, can humans change their implicit biases and control the effects of these attitudes on their explicit judgments and behavior? The overconfident bias is tendency people have when they are more confident in acting ethically. Generally, humans think that they are more ethical than their opponents, colleagues, peers. People often take ethical issues gently because of bias. It is presumed that they will do the right thing because of good character. The research project “Are some entrepreneurs more overconfident than others?” conducted by Daniel P Forbes shows that the overconfidence bias was the reason of overestimating the amount of money people will donate or how often they will volunteer. The study showed that 50% of business people tend to believe that they are in the top 10% ethically. Consequently, this bias can cause us to act unethically and without proper

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