Culturally Supportive Classroom

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A classroom should be filled with a wide variety of languages, experiences, and cultural diversity. An effective teacher understands the importance of culturally responsive teaching, and recognizes the significance of including students ' cultural references in all aspects of learning. Having an enriching classroom that engages all students does not mean making judgments about a student’s culture based on their skin color, gender, or socioeconomic status, rather it means knowing each student in a way that is individualized. According to the authors of The First Day of School: How to be an Effective Teacher Harry Wong, race, gender, religion, financial statue, and skin color is the least important factor determining a student’s achievement. Moreover, demographics and culture are not an excuse for students’ lack of achievement. (pg.80) Acknowledging and embracing a student’s racial or ethnic background is important, but it is just a piece of the educational puzzle. Effective teachers must be culturally responsive, with fine-tuned classroom management skills, and high expectations for all their students. It is crucial for an effective …show more content…

Although Harry Wong focuses more on classroom management and not the demographics of the classroom, him and Gary Borich both equally emphasize the importance of a positive and supportive classroom environment for all students. Wong declares,” It is the teacher – what the teacher knows and can do—that makes the difference in the classroom.” (81) Effective teachers provide all students with equal opportunities for learning by utilizing culturally responsive direct instruction, questioning and classroom management. Caring for students and building a nurturing environment that accepts all students and allows them to engage in profound learning experiences are fundamental characteristics of effective

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