Culturally Responsive Teaching And Learning Book Report

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Rebecca Sewell TCTN 5600.01 Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning Book Report and Reflection Culturally and Linguistically and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning by Sharroky Hollie is an excellent take on how to reach our students who are English Language Learners, from diverse cultures, and from different linguistic backgrounds. This book provides a plethora of ideas to incorporate into our classrooms to reach all our students as educators. This book is broken down into three main parts or ideas, understanding the mindset, building skillsets, and a personal recap by Mr. Hollie on what it means to be a culturally responsive teacher. The first two chapters of this book deal with the mindset that we as teachers must have in incorporating the framework and pedagogy into our classrooms. In becoming a culturally responsive teacher you must look at validation, affirmation, building, and bridging. In validation, we have a responsibility to our students to legitimize their culture and language. In being a teacher, rapport I with your students is critical in your success for reaching your students. Adam Green states that “Rapport is based on trust and respect. It involves learning about another person – their interests, likes, dislikes, personality, …show more content…

We are in such a judgmental society with so many labels. It is our jobs as educators to make sure that our classrooms are set up for all of our students. Our students need to have equal access and opportunities for education. It is our job to breakdown the barriers of diversity that our students are challenged with. Race, culture, religion, economic status, and much more are going to play into what our students bring to the classroom. We must find a positive way to incorporate their backgrounds into our classroom and level the playing field of education so that these students are all on the same

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