Essay On Inclusive Pedagogy

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Every child can learn and every child must learn with inclusive pedagogy through accessibility of education. If it is not, I am determine to make it become accessible by any means small or large. Sharing thinking with Ben Carson, I “Think Big”; I believe that I can be the change and with courage and determination I am the change. 100% numeracy and literacy is my all time goal and I will achieve because I believe. If a child cannot learn the way I teach then I will teach the way the child learns. My aim is not to be a sage on the stage but a guide by the side. Involving inclusive pedagogy in my personal education will allow me to achieve my goals. I impart knowledge, I guide learning, I channel ideas, I create opportunities, I impact lives, I TEACH! What is inclusive pedagogy you make ask and how will this become possible? Great questions! Continue reading and see the effective explanations I have in expounding on my philosophy. Inclusive Pedagogy is a term used to describe an emerging body of literature that advocates teaching practices that embrace the whole student in the learning process (Tuitt, 2001, p. 243). Unlike the traditional strategies such as chalk- and- talk and the whole banking system which deprive students of being whole intellectual beings. On …show more content…

The teachers need to understand the instructional designs and how to apply these. In executing this effectively the learning process should expose the utilization of theoretical frameworks, student centered learning, collaboration, culturally fit (diversity), awareness of different learning styles and reflective practices (Tuitt, 2003, p.251- 253). With this we can be sure that every child can learn every child must learn with inclusive pedagogy through accessibility of

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