Wellbeing In Early Years Essay

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First of all, in order to understand the importance of wellbeing in the early years, it is important to quote lines from Sir Michael Marmot who maintains that “the foundations of virtually every aspect of human development- physical, intellectual, emotional- are laid in early years. What happens during these early years has lifelong effects on many aspects of health and wellbeing- from obesity, heart diseases and mental health to the educational achievement to economic status. ” Wellbeing may normally refer to physical as well as mental state in which development of both aspects of children is satisfactory (Allen et al, 2011). Wellbeing is a broad concept that includes medical as well as social element in defining children`s heath at the early years of their life. Wellbeing places its central focus upon the development of the individuals in the terms of physical and mental health. However, there may be two main components of wellbeing at early years, namely psychological such as thinking, feeling, emotional development and physical development. It must also be understood that family play a pivotal role in determining children`s wellbeing at early years and family interaction and communication leaves significant effects upon the wellbeing status of children at early years. There are many theories that focus upon the …show more content…

The inclusive practice enables all of the students (with or without disabilities) to indulge in same class and learn together in the same class and context. Inclusive practices may refer to the idea of amalgamation of individuals with disabilities with the individuals without disabilities and having no pity for them or any other feeling that make them feels their disability. This is quite an ethical, social and educational question whether it should be done and if yes then how and why it is to be carried out (Lindon,

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