Persuasive Essay On Disabled Children In Schools

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Disabled kids in regular school classrooms

Disabled kids in a regular school classroom. What could go wrong? According to plenty of surveys, disabled kids are shown to perform better academically and socially. In today’s society, we are seeing more and more disabled kids being put into classrooms with non-disabled kids. But is this as beneficiary as we believe? With everything that’s happening in 2018, getting rid of special ed classrooms might just be the solution we’ve needed the whole time. Back in the 17-1800’s, kids/adults were forced into a different area where they were secluded from society (crf-usa). In this time period, disabilities were believed to be contagious. Families with disabled kids were shunned, while the disabled kids would be viewed as feeble-minded. Within around 200 years, the U.S. government finally decided to take action. The …show more content…

It is most definitely better than making the choice for them. Inclusion can help disabled kids grow mentally and physically. One test showed that inclusion helped a boy with severe down syndrome improve his academics, despite having an I.Q. of 50 (crf-usa). There have been, however, many reports saying that disabled kids will interrupt the classroom, making learning hard for the other kids. This is completely false. A research paper written by the name of Bruce Pawlowicz showed that inclusion does not affect the learning ability of other kids. Pawlowicz expresses the pros and cons of inclusion and mainstreaming. In it, he decifers that inclusion can generate an overload of work on the teacher, while mainstreaming can create a sense of failure among the disabled. But when it came to the pros of inclusion, he had much to say about it. Pawliwicz said that a survey between the parents and kids showed that they both had positive reviews over inclusion. Parents said their child’s academic progress didn’t stutter

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