Teaching Philosophy In Nursing

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My teaching philosophy stems from my belief that the gauge of a teacher 's success is how effectively the teacher prepares students, not only for present courses, but for their future professional careers. As a Nurse, I am committed to the nursing profession and I chose nursing since; nurses have the chance to a life changing event to every patient. Nurses promote Health Education, Healing and Prevention of Illness, as well as performing end of life care through a dignified death. I chose to be a nurse because I wanted to contribute to humanity, to feel that the world was in some small way, better because I was a part of it. My affiliation with professional nursing associations and organizations has guided me in my career, namely the Renal …show more content…

A competent nurse is knowledgeable, compassionate, holistic, ethical, a patient advocate, and integrates other disciplines in order to achieve excellence in quality patient care. I believe the road is paved with multiple opportunities for students to experience and collaborate with competent nurses. Because I believe the qualities that are characteristic of a competent nurse also are characteristic of an competent nurse educator, my teaching styles reflects my nursing practice. I believe a student 's level of commitment is influenced by my enthusiasm and passion for teaching. For me, it begins by investing my time, knowledge and experience in students. Developing collaborative student relationships fosters a sense of mutual trust and respect. Gaining every student’s trust enhances the learning relationship and is reflective of my commitment to caring and my dedication to student success to achieve their goals. When it comes to classroom instruction, I feel that how I teach is equally as important as what I teach. I integrate current evidence based practice in all course content. I feel it is important to include new innovations and applications not only within nursing but within related and supporting disciplines. A teacher is no longer the source of learning, rather a facilitator of learning. As a teacher I should know my student and understand that all students possess diverse backgrounds, by knowing your students, I will be able to decide which teaching style and strategies are needed to maximize their learning. I strongly believe it is vital to encourage the integration of culture, ethnicity, and life experiences into personal and corporate learning. I believe it is important to develop and implement innovative strategies in teaching. I feel that student learning is enriched and confidence increased with the utilization of

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