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Introduction and Outline This essay’s purpose is to highlight how school curriculum is altered in order to include a student with additional learning needs. Every student is unique and for that reason a teacher must differentiate the curriculum to suit the needs of student with a specific learning difficulty. Dyslexia is the learning difficulty which will be examined theoretically and methodically in this essay. This essay will examine the different learning theories of how to engage a child with dyslexia in the classroom. In addition, this essay will investigate Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development and Vygotsky’s Social Constructivism. Inclusion and Dyslexia The term “inclusion” implies that the needs of all students should be met within mainstream school (Reid, 2013, p13). The Centre for Students on Inclusive Education (CSIE) suggests that developing inclusive provision will take time as ‘inclusion’ is not about what you do, it’s how about you do it. Furthermore, the CSIE states “time spent outside out the classroom for individual or group on a part-time time basis is not segregation” (Thomas and Vaughan, 2004, P137 cited in Reid, P13). …show more content…

Many children at school are capable of hiding their learning difficulties by steering clear from reading aloud or writing very little (Reid 2013, p13).Not to mention, the Report of the Task force on Dyslexia (2001) states learning difficulties from dyslexia occurs across the lifespan of a person and can vary from mild to severe at different ages (Report of the Task Force on Dyslexia, 2001). It is extremely vital for teachers to be fully aware and trained in the area of dyslexia. Teacher’s use of differentiation in their subjects in the classroom is a strong fundamental in order to meet the needs of a student with a learning difficulty like

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