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In an early years setting their a variety of different children that have certain needs that need to be met in order for them to be healthy, safe, secure and welcomed into the setting. Therefore if a child had a problem which led to them being in need of a wheelchair constantly while in the setting. Then their needs would have to be met in a variety of ways for example someone needing to push the child to get around the nursery correctly, having support to complete tasks, someone holding the doors open to allow the child to join in outdoor activities and finally helping the child to get ready into the correct wear for example if they need a coat on to go outside. Although when doing activities for example outdoor play and learning how to catch and throw the ball over the parachute. A adult would have to meet the …show more content…

Therefore the child wouldn’t feel left out as they are still joining in with all activities. Although so the child doesn’t feel different to the others the adults could go round and help other children to learn them how to throw and catch so the child doesn’t feel it is just them that needs to have help and 1 to 1 from an adult. Due to this it allows the child as a individual to be able to meet the requirements of learning through group activities while learning the concept of catching and throwing. On the other hand a child with dyslexia may need more time for example to do activities such as answering basic questions or filling in Literacy work sheets. Therefore this can be done in a group activity to make the child feel equal, safe, and secure and welcome in a setting through various ways. For example the adult could split the children into groups; a group of advanced gifted and talented children, the norm children and then the children that need a little bit more explaining to be able to complete the work to the best of their ability. Therefore the child with dyslexia may start of on the

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