Common Assessment Framework For Safeguarding Essay

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In 2013 more than 50.000 children and young people were on a child protection registers or subjects to a child protection plain in the uk ( nspcc 2014) The HM government document working together to safeguard children 2010. A wide range of legislation, statutory guidance, policies and procedures support the safely and welfare of children and young people. This includes policies relating to health and wellbeing, safety and security, personal care and individual rights. This legislation and guidance has been developed over a number of years in response to ; . the recognition of the rights of children as individual with their own entitlements . An increased focus on the need to protect vulnerable children and young people . Independent inquiries into the tragic deaths …show more content…

Working together to safeguard children (2013)- Outlines the legal requirement for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people , the roles and responsibilities of professionals and how organization and individual should work together to keep children safe from harm. The munro review of child protection; moving towards child centered system (2012)- Outlines a more child—focused system in safeguarding childrenâ€TMs welfare and explores how the right wishes, feeling and experiences of children and young people inform and shape the provision of services . The safeguarding and welfare requirements of the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (2014)- Outlines the responsibilities of registered providers for children aged 0-5 years to safeguard children, promote good health, ensure the suitability of adults who have contact with children and maintain records, policies and

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