Old Guard Research Paper

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“This we’ll defend”: This is the motto of the United States Army, as well as the 3rd Infantry Regiment, also known as the “Old Guard.” These are the sentinels who guard the tombs of three unknown soldiers: One never identified from the First World War; another that never found his family from World War Two; and another shot down and never recognized in Korea. Laying a wreath on the tomb of these three unknown soldiers is considered synonymous as laying a wreath on every unknown and unidentified soldier and one of the highest honors for a United States citizen. But why? Why do these Guardians of Freedom stand guard at these tombs? Why–through the darkest nights and the brightest days, drenching rains and baking shine, cutting cold and sweltering heat, frigid sleet and numbing …show more content…

“I saw death right in my face that day, but that is also when I felt the most hope. I saw my unit pull together and work as an outstanding team. It has also widened my eyes to the grim reality of the service,” Dan recalled. Following the previous question I asked why we all should honor those who serve for our country, he responded, “They paid the final price, of loss of life. Why should we not honor and recognize those who gave up their lives to keep all of us free? This freedom that we enjoy is not free, it comes on the back of our servicemembers. They took the risk and rolled the dice and lost. To measure that devotion to our common ideals and freedom is unimaginable.”
Finally, we should respect those who serve and have served because battle can change a man. It can make someone realize: “I could have died there.” The VA Hospitals spend considerable amounts of money in the psychiatric care of veterans. If you have ever seen the Tom Cruise movie, “Top Gun” this is portrayed quite

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